I Gotta Say, Rodney Hood Wearing “Whatever It Takes” Warm Ups While Refusing To Go In Is Irony At Its Finest


Rodney Hood says his Cavaliers teammates laughed off his apology when he addressed the team about his refusal to enter Game 4 against the Raptors in garbage time.

Do you think your teammates understand what happened?

Hood: “Yeah, they was laughing at me when I apologized to my teammates.

“They was like, ‘Hood, that’s not really a distraction’ because of everything they’ve been through this year.

“So they all took light of it, they understand. So it wasn’t anything, really.”

Well, as everyone knows — Rodney Hood isn’t very fond of garbage time. Which doesn’t make sense, because he has indeed been garbage this postseason. Averaging a cool 4.6 PPG, one board, one assist, on 40% shooting from the field and an incredibly bad 13% from three point land. One would think, “hmm, should probably fill it up in garbage time to get back into the rotation huh?” Not Rodney Hood, mind of a superstar and shooting stroke of DeAndre Jordan right now. Jae Crowder could dream of mediocrity this strong right now.

Everybody’s reaction would assume he would be sent to alcatraz by LeBron. But, the Cavs don’t really seem to give a shit from that reaction — “Bruh, you’re like the 1028473th headline this morning about our drama, we don’t care.” Or in other words, they aren’t gonna stress about a dude shooting 13% from three.

(Hood walking into the locker room like).

Listen, the Cavaliers don’t care about this situation because Rodney Hood simply stinks right now. He does not affect the rotation anymore who not their problem, onto Boston for Bron & Co. The ‘Whatever It Takes’ warmups we’re just a funny cherry on top to what is a stupidly petty thing by Rodney Hood to do.