Kobe Bryant ‘Ok’ With Lakers Taking LiAngelo Ball ‘If It Will Help Win’


Kobe Bryant only has one goal for the Los Angeles Lakers to accomplish with the 2018 NBA draft.

“Win,” the Lakers legend told TMZ Sports

Bryant was also open to the idea of the team’s drafting Lonzo Ball’s brother, LiAngelo, under one condition: “If it will help win,” he said.

Well, this is obviously a typical athlete answer to a TMZ guy that wants to stir the pot a bit. The goal is pretty easy to see from the Black Mamba — “Win.” Obviously, LiAngelo Ball is not going to have any sort of impact on an NBA team. He would not be on anyone’s radar if it wasn’t for the buzz of the Ball brothers.

Kobe is smart, he’s not going to tell the truth — and cause more problems for himself. Or, get LaVar all riled up for a month. By the way, I have not heard a peep out of LaVar in what feels like months. I wonder if Magic finally threatened to trade Lonzo if he didn’t shut it. Anyway, clearly Kobe knows that LiAngelo does not belong in the NBA — he’s just giving you the athlete answer so it does not turn to a PR disaster. Especially coming off a controversial twitter like about him being more skilled than LeBron. The TMZ reporter was trying to ride that hot streak I guess but Kobe was having none of it.