What Should We Expect From Game 2?

I usually would say it’s going overboard to say a game 2 is a must win — but game 2 is absolutely a must win for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Going down 0-2 the way this Celtics team is playing would be series = over. That being said, we all know what happens when LeBron is coming off a bad performance. Just ask the 2011 Chicago Bulls, I got reminded of that this morning — ruined my mood.

The amount of ‘Almosts’ the Bulls had in those years makes my head spin. But anyway, the biggest thing that worries me about this series is that the Celtics are just plain better. The Cavs starting backcourt is George Hill, Kyle Korver, and JR Smith and they’re in the conference finals. Everyone keeps comparing this team to 2007 Cavs but at least Larry Hughes could hit a wide open shot.

As far as game 1, LeBron knew that shit was over by the second quarter. He looked passive, but it also looked like he was feeling out how to attack the Celtics. Now that the first game is out of the way, if he doesn’t come out tonight looking like 2012 game 6 angry LeBron there is a ZERO percent chance they win.

‘Oh where’d you go, I miss you so’

Without this guy above the Cavs are fucked. The thing about the Celtics that makes them so dangerous is that even if two of their guards can’t shoot — their ball movement and floor spacing is so solid that even Marcus Smart is getting open looks. At worst, if all of their guards can’t shoot they have Horford, and the top ranked defense to keep it close. The traps they set up worked perfectly — the philosophy from Brad Stevens was simple, ‘let the other Cavaliers beat us.’

Early on in the game, LeBron was getting trapped, and hitting OPEN shooters, and they literally missed every shot. I’m sorry, but I will never blame LeBron or anyone for passing to open shooters and they miss. I expect LeBron to be more aggressive, and more decisive in game 2. For god sake, I hope he drives and shoots less jump shots. As far as the Celtics go, they just have to keep playing their game, take open shots — continue to trap LeBron, and continue to run the floor with aggression.