Report: Karl-Anthony Towns, Timberwolves: ‘Not In A Good Place’


Appearing on Friday’s episode of The Lowe Post,’s Zach Lowe said Towns and the Timberwolves are “not in a good place internally.”’s Brian Windhorst, who joined Lowe for a lengthy conversation, later posited it would not be unheard of if Towns’ name eventually surfaced in trade discussions.

“I don’t think Anthony Davis is going anywhere any time soon,” Windhorst said. “But Karl Towns…now that might be a different story.”

Oh my, we could have a potential NBA Hot Stove where one of the best young NBA Bigs could be on the move if this report holds truth. We all know Danny Ainge can smell blood sitting in bean town. If I were the TWolves and he called, I’d hang the fuck up in a second no hesitation. I don’t care about future picks, I don’t care about anything I wouldn’t want anything to do with Boston if I were Minnesota. Anyway, it is unclear as to why Towns and the TWolves are not seeing eye to eye. But, it is important to note Andrew Wiggins had a higher usage rate than Towns in the playoffs. Could be some issues with the way he’s used, the system of Thibs, or contract talks. Towns’ contract is set to expire in 2019, so he could be fishing for a max extension from Minnesota. I guess we will have to wait for the details emerge.