The NBA Needs Shake Milton To Be A Star

Shake Milton, a name so great it could be pulled from a Key & Peele skit. That’s a name that puts asses in the seats. I can already imagine the cartoons bleacher report will be cooking up if Milton comes in and starts filling up the box score. Shake Milton might have one of the best names in the draft, but he has game to back that up. Milton led the Mustangs with 18 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game on the season. Milton made drastic improvements from the previous season, increasing his points per game total from 13 to 18. Milton will enter the NBA with a 6-foot-6 frame at the shooting guard spot.

His athletic ability and ability to slash in the lane will make him a lethal scoring threat in the NBA right away. Detroit is picking at 42nd in the second round and should certainly take a look to bolster their offense in the backcourt. Detroit, or Charlotte, or any team that is in NBA Purgatory and needs a spark to get their franchise juices flowing should certainly take a shot at Milton in the second round. I mean, it’s the second round? Nobody gives a shit if the pick stinks, and if he’s good — you’ll be put on a pedestal like RC Buford in San Antonio. Just saying, take a shot on Shake.