Knicks Reportedly Have The ‘Hots’ for Trae Young


Trae Young’s father, Ray, told the New York Daily News last week that his son would be prepared to flourish under the New York spotlight:

“That’s what Trae lives for. He lives for that type of stuff. Just think about it: He’s probably the most talked about, most publicized kid in this draft and he’s been through it all … Trae’s been scrutinized to the point that he has thick skin. None of that stuff is going to bother him.”

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor added that he’s been told feelings are mutual between Young and the New York Knicks:

“Multiple league sources told me that the Knicks have the hots for the Oklahoma point guard, so the interest is mutual. It’s easy to understand why: Young is an ideal fit alongside Frank Ntilikina, whom the Knicks view as a 2-guard who can occasionally run the offense. Ntilikina could space the floor to allow Young to work his magic on the ball; conversely, Young could race through screens off the ball to get open for 3s while Ntilikina initiates the offense. It’d be a perfect pairing to ease the workload on Kristaps Porzingis.”

Out of all the draft hype you can find in the coming months. Saying a team has the ‘hots’ for a player is quite a weird way to put it. But, I can certainly see why the feelings are mutual with Trae Young and the Knicks. I’m sure Knicks fans and front office members still wake up in cold sweats after remembering Stephen Curry going one pick before them to Golden State, and New York ended up drafting Jordan Hill. That’s the equivalent of me getting nightmares about the Bulls trading away LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas. Yes, that happened.

I’m sure Trae Young feels the ‘hots’ for New York — because every board has him going to the Magic. Nobody wants to go to the Magic. Young’s offensive prowess fits perfect alongside Ntilikina — Ntilikina can guard the opponents point guard while Young focuses on offense. Sort of how Avery Bradley guarded the opponents best guard while Isaiah Thomas focused on offense for the Boston Celtics last season.