Chris Paul doesn’t look to be worried about his hamstring

this.. sounds promising? Obviously, CP3 isn’t going to answer this question by saying he’s out in the most important game of his career. CP3 is a competitor, no way is he sitting down in a game 6 in Oracle Arena with a trip to the Finals on the line. Not to mention, no matter who wins the East – Houston is the better team. The Rockets smell blood right now, if they don’t pounce on the wounded Warriors in game 6 and let this go to seven that would not be ideal.

Nobody wants the Warriors confident to any degree. The way they have played in the last two 4th quarters, confidence is wavering. Houston has to close it out NOW. Keep in mind, Chris Paul and James Harden shot 11/40 in game 5 (28%) while the Warriors shot 44% to the Rockets 37%. James Harden has also missed his last TWENTY three-pointers in this series. If the Rockets just have an average game on offense I think they win comfortably in game 6.