Upstart Apparel Company ‘Jersey Champs’ Has Revolutionized The Basketball Jersey Industry, But How?

After a very fast start, where does Jersey Champs go from here?

We are always looking to grow the company. We hope to partner with more NBA athletes and grow our presence on social media.

Which NBA players have been repping Jersey Champs gear?

Russell Westbrook, Karl Anthony Towns, Dwayne Wade, JaVale McGee, Marcus Smart, Clint Capela & Jimmer Fredette have all worn Jersey Champs Jerseys!

What basketball jerseys have been your hottest sellers?

Our top sellers are our Space Jam Jersey, Flint Tropics Jersey and our Jimmer Fredette Shanghai Sharks jersey which we collaborated on the Fredette family on.

At over 1 million followers, How do you utilize Instagram as your best marketing tool?

We make sure to post 2-3 times daily at least. We partner up with other large NBA fan pages and host monthly jersey giveaways. We also announce all of our new releases on our Instagram page. Our Instagram is unique because we have a full time staff answering the direct messages and replying to comments on the photos.

Any advice for young startup businesses?

Grow your social media presence. Instagram was our very first platform we utilized and has generated over seven figures in sales for our company. Instagram ads work phenomenally for us and provide an extremely good ROI.

How can people contact you?

You can contact me on the Jersey Champs Instagram or the president, Sean Kelly at his Instagram.