Nick Young Says Dennis Rodman Came To Him In His Dream And Told Him To Play Defense

When I think of Nick Young, one of the last words that will come up is defense. Some things that come up more are along the lines of ill advised three’s, his drama with D’Angelo Russell, and his nickname ‘Swaggy P.’ But, Saturday night Young came off the bench and played great wing defense in the second half. Young stated after the game that his increased defensive effort was a result from a dream he had the previous night.

If you had your choice of a defensive player you want deep in the NBA Playoffs, Rodman is atop of that list historically. So, it looks like Young’s dream picked the right guy for his uptick in intensity. If Young turns into an elite perimeter defender now — this could be the real life version of when Babe Ruth appeared in the dream of Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez and inspired him to get the ball. But, Instead of sporting a cigar like Babe Ruth, Rodman will be bringing more lip rings and hair with the color scheme of neapolitan ice cream.

Golden State now heads to Houston for Game 7 and a trip to the Finals on the line. On the road in Houston, the Warriors will need a lot of intensity on their perimeter defense, especially if Chris Paul returns for the game with Eric Gordon, James Harden, and Trevor Ariza beginning to get in a shooting groove.