Some Reddit Moron Compared Jayson Tatum To MCW, Which Makes No Sense

If you need your daily dose of internet that can send you back the fifth grade, check out this masterful NBA analyst in the NBA Reddit compare Jayson Tatum to MCW who have 0 similarities.

I love/hate Reddit. The entire app is basically one big comment section, so for that reason I love it. The reason it can be terrible is because the sub has over a million subscribers which gives any idiot a platform to spread bullshit. For one, Tatum is a small forward, MCW is a point guard. “inefficient volume stats” ??? Tatum shot 47% from the field, and 43% from three point range and he’s a shooter first.

MCW’s best season was his rookie campaign, where he shot 40% from the field, 26% from three, and averaged  3.5 turnovers per game. Those, are shitty volume stats. Tatum is also a great defender, and the Celtics are overrated?? They are one win from the NBA Finals with two all stars hurt. There is not a shred of overrated in this teams blood. The name ‘Cavaliers Bandwagon’ next to his username certainly checks out here folks.