Dan Gilbert: Cavs ‘not focused’ on LeBron’s free agency right now


The Cleveland Cavaliers are too focused on the task of winning an improbable NBA championship this season to worry about LeBron James‘ future, according to team owner Dan Gilbert.

Gilbert says James’ looming free agency this summer is something to think about after the Finals.

Oh yeah Dan Gilbert, of course you aren’t thinking about the impending free agency of LeBron James. With the way this season has transpired, of course you are not thinking about losing possibly the greatest player to ever walk the planet earth. Of course, you are not worried about being left with zero cap flexibility with $20M a year George Hill, $16M a year Tristan Thompson and $13M a year JR Smith and declining Kevin Love who’s set to make $24M next year and $25M the year after. I’m really really sure the thought of slipping into the depths of NBA purgatory with the likes of the Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings, and the mighty Orlando Magic hasn’t crossed your mind at all.

I’m also sure you aren’t thinking about the decline in merchandise sales, and ticket sales on the way to another 19-63 season post LeBron ahead of a weak 2019 NBA Draft. Stop it, Gilbert better have a 40 page thesis cited MLA format ready to present to LeBron by the time the clock hits zero in the NBA Finals praying he can continue to keep the Cavaliers afloat. As far as the Finals, the coaches and players need to be locked in on the games. Gilbert just needs to worry about putting people in debt with Quicken Loans. He damn near did with the Cleveland Cavaliers payroll.