One Game 7 down, one more to go tonight

Wow, wow, wow. Game 7 was every bit as great as we all expected last night. LeBron James was fantastic yet again, and Jayson Tatum came up large when his team came up small. Personally, I’m emotionally attached to both of these conference finals series this season. I wanted Bron to win, and I want Golden State to go down in flames. I am gassed now covering all of these games on here, on our Twitter, and having the passion of the fans.

Anyway, tonight we get yet another Game 7 in Houston between the Rockets and Warriors, with a berth to play LeBron on the line in the Finals. The status of Chris Paul in Game 7 is still labeled as a game-time decision per head coach Mike D’Antoni. I expect Paul to play in this game, not so much because he’s healthy — but because CP3 won’t let himself sit. If Paul plays tonight at 40%, with this game in Houston — my gut tells me the Rockets win.

My gut is also extremely biased and wants the Rockets to win very badly so who knows. What I do know is that if the Rockets want to meet LeBron in the Finals, they have to cut out all the sloppy turnovers, and punch Golden State in the mouth early on. Not only bring the first punch, but step on their throats in the 3rd quarter and finish this wire to wire.