LiAngelo Ball reacts to workout with the Lakers, as Lonzo watches


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — With his brother Lonzo watching from the sideline, LiAngelo Ball went through a pre-draft workout with other prospects for the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

Ball said when teams ask why things ended at UCLA, he tells them, “I don’t really remember too much about that. I just moved on, went overseas and just learned from over there and then came back and brought my talent back out here.”

Ball said the experience overseas contributed to his growth as a player and an individual.

“Just being more mature as far as coming in and doing what you have to do and don’t worry about outside stuff,” he said. “More focus around the game really.”

The guard said he learned a more professional approach while in Europe.

“Oh that changed a lot,” he said. “Because if you are not producing over there, they won’t ask no questions, they’ll just take you off the team like that. You won’t get paid or whatever. You got to come in every time ready to play your hardest and produce. That changed my mindset. Every time I hit the court I have to come out and play my hardest.”

Well, it looks like Gelo’s workout with the Lakers wasn’t a fib told by the man himself like the Warriors workout was. It’s good he’s getting workouts with pro teams, but unfortunately team workouts hold no water as it comes to draft projections unless it revolves around top prospects. Darko’s elementary school workout playing against chairs made the Pistons literally melt. But anyways, there’s no way any team will waste a draft pick on Ball. Nothing about drafting him makes any sense — if you want him for buzz and merch sales, just sign him as an undrafted free agent. You pay 10 cents on the dollar for the contract and you get all the PR buzz you could ever dream of for an undrafted player.