Mike Greenberg: Cavs/Warriors is the ‘greatest rivalry in sports’

First off, WRONG.

Cavaliers/Warriors has been a fantastic rivalry for the past four years. But, the rivalry has only lasted four years… Greeny brings up how the Celtics/Lakers only played 3 times in the Finals in the 80s. Well, seems like someone missed the late 2000s and the rest of history where they were always rivals no matter the stage. Or the fact that they are the top two franchises in the NBA combined to have 33 NBA championships in a top heavy dominated league.

This is a classic ‘prisoner of the moment’ hot take here. Outside of these four years, the Cavaliers and Warriors have been strangers to each other for their entire existence. Rivalries are not cemented on a 4-year stretch and only Finals appearances. Longevity is what forms a real rivalry, like UNC and Duke. UNC is up by 1 game in the all time series that includes well over a 200 meetings.

To cross sports, he didn’t even mention Red Sox/Yankees — he mentioned Yankees/Giants because of the 20s… Newsflash, nobody cares about a stretch in the 20s because baseball players were part time car salesman in December. World Wars are what was hot in the streets in those days. Not to mention both the Yankees and Giants’ fan bases don’t really care about each other. Giants care about the Dodgers and the Yankees care about the Red Sox.

This is just media fluff because we have to eat up time before the NBA Finals starts. It’s a lighter example of how insufferable the two weeks are before the Super Bowl because all the stories have no point to them. Anyway, I will enjoy LeBron vs. Curry in the Finals again — but best rivalry in sports history? Not a chance.