Report: Celtics want to move up in the draft to select Texas C Mo Bamba

Sporting News:

Sources told Sporting News that Boston has expressed interest in Bamba, including interviewing him at the Chicago pre-draft combine two weeks ago. Bamba measured in with a record wingspan of 7-10 in Chicago, reinforcing his status as the most ready-made rim protector in the draft.

Of course, the challenge is securing a pick that will be high enough to land Bamba. He could go as high as No. 3 to the Hawks, and there has also been talk that the Magic — picking sixth — are high on Bamba and won’t let him drop past their slot.


If you’re a team in the top 6 or 7 right now and Danny Ainge comes calling, hang up your phone and don’t call back, don’t even buy him a damn coffee because he’ll somehow rob you there. I’m especially talking to you GarPax.

I can sniff another draft night heist from Ainge and Co. with a team that is likely headed for another NBA Finals contention. If there’s any team with the fire power to move up and get their man, it’s Boston. Next year they have the Sacramento Kings pick which is unprotected outside of the #1 pick. To add, next year is a very weak NBA Draft as it stands now, so the Celtics trying to trade more picks to get picks is the least surprising thing ever to come out of Boston.