What Will it Take for LeBron to win Finals MVP?

40 Points

10.5 Assists

8.5 Rebounds

55% FG

45% 3P

Those are the numbers LeKing is putting up over just two NBA Finals games. Bruh. Those are backyard numbers. Those are the kind of numbers you put up when you have to prove a point against your little cousins. Those are the kind of numbers that people lie about. Know how everyone has a grandpa that makes claims like: “I once saw Peachtree Jenkins score 65 points against HillHouse, and he only had one shoe on…”

…Guess what, kiddos? We’re going to be that grandpa.

The NBA Finals MVP award should almost always go to the winning team. Almost. It would be the rarest of occasions for the award to go to someone who didn’t take home the title. So, when do we know a player deserves this monumental recognition? We have to answer a single question:

At what point does LeBron James play so well, that winning a title is no longer a qualifier for the Finals MVP award?

Let us look at the possible scenarios.

Warriors sweep

In this scenario, there is no plausible way LeBron can take home Finals MVP. Realistically, the man would have to drop 60+ in the next two games while also posting crazy supporting numbers. It just isn’t going to happen. Curry is the frontrunner as of now, and in a sweep I fully expect him to take home the trophy.

Warriors win 4-1

The award is up for grabs, but barely. For LBJ to win Finals MVP in this theoretical, his averages would have to look something like 45, 11, and 10. His field goal percentage would need to be closer to 60 than 55 and he has to be hitting his three ball at his current clip; somewhere near 45%. But this alone isn’t enough. LeBron must add in a signature moment or two. Kind of like this one.Lebron dunk.gif

This could be another classic chase-down block, one that perhaps sends the game to OT. Or, maybe the King hits a game winner. Regardless, the games must be painfully close as well, similar to game one. Still, under this scenario, LeBron winning Finals MVP is a longshot. He must hope for the Press to have a congruous discussion amongst each other while this series is unfolding; a conversation that throws support LeBron’s way. Also, he needs each Warrior to have a “their” game. Curry had his game during game 2. If one of these Dubs consistently shines more than the others, then LeBron is in trouble.

Warriors win 4-2

This result would be a more palatable one for the Press to hand LeBron the MVP. Why? Two wins with this squad over this dynastical team is a feat in its own right. Still, LeBron must average north of 40 points, and near or over double digits for assists and rebounds. Logically, if his points average is this high then his shooting percentages will be high as well. This scenario may only come true if LeBron does the supernatural, so expect some highlight career moments as well. Having six total games would increase the chance that non-Steph Warriors have big games; a thing which would flatten out the Finals MVP odds. This helps King James.

Warriors win 4-3

See above. Taking the Dubs to 7 would be historic, given LeBron is playing with a handful of non-starters and guys who have one foot out of the League. The burden of evidence becomes lower in order for James to take home this trophy, but it is still very high.

Cleveland wins


Is your brain moving too fast as you’re trying to figure out if my Lebron stanning has reached Nick Wrightian levels? That’s okay. I’ll simplify it for you. What are the five factors that need to go LeBron’s way.

  1. Wins
  2. Non-Stephs having “their” games
  3. The Press
  4. Performance
  5. Signature Moments


So, tell me? Can LeBron win Finals MVP? If so, how? @Mattesposito_