LeBron James and Paul George could look to team up in LA

Adrian Wojnarowski stated on ESPN that LeBron James and Paul George will have a discussion about teaming up with the Lakers this summer.

After hearing Woj’s take, Lakers fans are salivating at the notion of having not one, but two stars come to Los Angeles. Magic Johnson, who played on one of the best rosters of all time, certainly knows how to put a super team together, but will the Lakers win the free agent sweepstakes this offseason?

James and George are considered the two most gettable free agents on the open market. The two superstars are both looking to play for the franchise that offers the best chance to win. LeBron wants to secure his legacy, while George would like to finally make it to the big stage.

While Philadelphia and Houston are his best options in terms of success, out of all his suitors, Los Angeles offers him the best opportunity to build a team of his own. The Lakers are flushed with cap space and tradeable assets, which gives LeBron a chance to land another high-caliber player and build a bench that can compete with the Warriors.

Paul George and the Los Angeles Lakers seem like a perfect fit. He didn’t have his best season with the Thunder and he is from the L.A. area. However, he has also expressed interest in coming back to Oklahoma City.

It is within the realm of possibility that the Lakers could end up with James, George, and Cousins. That being said, it is also possible that the Lakers wind up with none of them.


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