When Burner Accounts Help Put Out The Fire

As the Brian Coangelo conundrum comes to a close, with his wife as the scapegoat, the question arises: What happens next for the 76ers? Does the pompous arrogance of the silver spooned Coangelo have lasting affects on a franchise attempting to complete the process? Or is this secretly a blessing in disguise for this up and coming dynasty?

Getting rid of dead weight is key to growth in any facet of life. Whether it’s friends holding you back in life or your favorite team getting rid of Front Office cancers, the case of Coangelos demise warrants his departure.  The final piece in the dynastic plan of Philadelphia is luring Big name FAs to join with the young assets the team has acculmated, think LeBrom James and Paul George. It becomes virtually impossible to edge out other teams in these sweepstakes when your front office is controlled by a big mouthed exectutive. If he’s bashing his coach and players online, while releasing prudent information about other players injury status, do you believe a player of LeBron’s caliber will even consider that team? The players’ and coaches’ admiration for Brett Brown would not have been enough to smooth over the issues plaguing the Front Office.  Yet, Coangelo and his inflated ego may have put the 76ers in a perfect place to correctly use their cap space this upcoming offseason.

The drama and problems Coangelo brings to any of his jobs have been public information for a while. Consistently taking jabs with the media at the expense of his former team, the Toronto Raptors, and even the expense of his “protege”, Masai Uriji. Having an executive such as Coangelo is a burden for big name superstars, hindering the ability to sign them. The opening of Coangelo’s job actually plays in the favor of the 76ers attempt to lure LeBron away from Cleveland. The 76ers have a terrific opportunity now to sign David Griffin to entice LeBron. Griffin is a very intriguing option, praised and admired by many people in NBA front offices and NBA media but more importantly, loved by LeBron. He was adamant  he wanted the Cavs to retain Griffin, as he had a great working relationship and trust with Griffin. If the 76ers are serious about becoming a title contender for the next 3-5 years, hiring David Griffin may be the final piece needed to take them to the level of elite teams in the league.