Draymond to Turn Down Extension?

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Espn Staff Writer Chris Haynes reported earlier that Draymond Green will not accept a contract extension from the Warriors if he is offered one this summer. Rather, Green will opt to wait until his UFA period in 2020-2021. If Green nabs another DPOY or ALL-NBA selection then he becomes eligible for a 5 yr/226 million dollar deal. Compare this to the 3 yr/72 million dollar extension he can get this summer, and it isn’t difficult see to why Green would opt to wait until free agency. Shoot, I almost failed high school algebra and I can add up those numbers.

This brings up a couple of more intriguing questions, however. It has also been rumored that GM Bob Myers wants to extend both KD and Klay Thompson and while Durant has stated he will resign (and perhaps at a discount), Klay’s camp has indicated otherwise. If he turns down the Warriors 4 yr/102 million dollar deal, he will be eligible to receive somewhere between 188 and 219 million dollars in UFA. Klay must have went to the Draymond Green School of Business Math. Plus, Thompson’s father stated that his son will wait until free agency, presumably to land the biggest deal he can achieve or use as leverage.

So, what’s the question? Are the Warriors willing to pay huge salary tax ramifications to keep their core.? Check out their salary cap for the next couple of years by looking at the graphic below.


I know exactly what you are thinking: “Wow, Espo, your computer skills are through the roof.” Second thought: “How in the world are they going to pay all of these guys?”

Now close your eyes and imagine this. It is the fiscal offseason of 2020-2021. The Celtics (sorry, I’m biased) just won their second title in a row. The Dubs are paying Steph, KD and Klay individually north of 40 million a year. Folks, that is 120 million dollars between 3 players, and it is not only a feasible situation, but probable. To Bob Myers, I say “good luck” to you as you try and resign Draymond Green in free agency. It simply is not practical nor affordable.

At what point does Warriors ownership and management decide they cannot keep payer both the luxury and repeater tax? Sooner or later, we will find out.

And about that second question…

If Draymond leaves the Warriors, where will he go?

The 2020-2021 offseason is far enough away that as of now, essentially every team could plan to find the cap room to extend Green a supermax. Money will be a factor, but it is too early to weed out which teams will not be able to give Green an offer. What we can talk about, however, is the NBA landscape over the next few years.

This league is the Wild Wild West and superteams seem to pop up out of nowhere. Superteams and NBA Draft steals are about as unpredictable as the plot twists on Billions. Where the league will be in a handful of years is mere speculation. But, we can assume that the Celtics will be a contender still, as well as Philly. Perhaps a team like the Bucks makes a step forward under new coaching. Maybe the Knicks nail some draft picks. With Davis, Holiday and potentially Boogie under contract in 2020-2021, New Orleans could be contender but not have the space to sign Green. Minnesota could develop nicely as KAT progresses. And who knows, maybe Phoenix strikes gold on each of their draft picks and Green wants join in. As of now, it is a guessing game.

What we do know, however, is that Green will want to go to a place where he can compete. It is written all over his demeanor. Trash talking is much harder to do on a rebuilding team. After spending an entire career fighting for titles, he most likely will not want to go to a developing team. Green turned down money to make it easier for the Warriors to bring in KD. Next time around, he is likely going to hold out for top dollar. Plus, Draymond is used to a major market and may not want to spend his time playing basketball in a place like Orlando.

The team that lands Draymond in free agency will have max space to offer him as well as legitimate title aspirations.

I am sure you hoop fans can think up some interesting locations in your head.

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