Denver Blue Over New York Blue for LeBron?

Former NBA player, Earl Boykins, says the Denver Nuggets have a good chance of landing LeBron James this offseason.

Boykins took to Hastings and Browman’s radio show to discuss the “inside information” that he has.

Along with mentioning Denver, Boykins also adds that James “will never, ever play for the New York Knicks”, though not revealing why.

The LeBron sweepstakes are in full effect with numerous teams claiming to have “a good chance” at signing LeBron James.

As of June 13th: Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and San Antonio are the leading favorites to land James should he leave Cleveland.

Now, it’s time to throw in Denver?

Should the Nuggets re-sign star center, Nikola Jokic, that would increase the team’s chances to “35, 40 percent”, according to Boykins.

Denver has the pieces that would be attractive for LeBron James. A star center who can shoot outside, rebound, defend and make plays in Jokic. A team with shooters in Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, Wilson Chandler and Will Barton. Not to mention Paul Millsap as the starting power forward. That team looks really good.

There is a twist, though. Boykins says bringing in James would be a sign-and-trade, with the Cleveland Cavaliers, involving Jamal Murray and/or Gary Harris. Murray and Harris are two key pieces in what Denver is building, so that would hurt.

It’s all speculation for now, but don’t be surprised if you hear that LeBron James is interested in the Utah Jazz next week.


Should LeBron James consider the Denver Nuggets this free agency, and would it be a good fit for both James and the Nuggets?

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