Report: Kings Want to Move the 2nd Pick, Here Are Three Trade Ideas

Just a few moments ago, League insider Chris Mannix reported that the Kings could be looking to add a star to their roster. To do so, they would move their #2 overall pick in this year’s draft. It look as though Vlade Divac and company are ready to compete for Western Conference playoff spots.

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Let’s dissect the trade market. What are some trades that could happen? Are there any stars who could be moveable? Many stars who Sac’Town would be interested in are potential free agents and could leave within a year (Kyrie, Kawhi, Butler.) Some are feasibly movable, but the 2nd pick would not be enough to land them (Russ, any Warrior stars, The Brow, KAT, KP, those two 76er boys, etc.) So, where do we begin?

Sacramento gets: Jaylen Brown, the 2019 Memphis pick (top-8 protected) and their own 2018 first (27th).

Boston gets: The #2 pick, also know as Luka Doncic.

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Why would Boston do it? After experiencing a breakthrough year, Jaylen Brown be Boston’s 4th option next year, at best. The kid is a burgeoning star and may want a place to shine. It is reasonable to question how Irving and Hayward’s return will impact team chemistry. So, Boston cashes in on Brown while picking up Doncic, someone who is my number one overall prospect. He is a wonderful fit in Beantown and a winner who will be attracted to playing for titles at such a high level of basketball.

Why would Sacramento do it? Who else can they get with this pick? Would they want a player like John Wall, who will be making 46 (!) million bucks when he’s 31 years-old? Probably not. Is someone like CJ McCollum worth surrendering the pick? Nope. Getting Brown nabs them a star-in-the-making who can be under reasonable contract control for possibly the next 6 years. They get two more swings at the plate with the Celtics late first this year and a potentially valuable Grizzlies pick next year. Is Brown what the Kings are looking for, though? Maybe not.

Sacramento gets: Demar Derozan

Toronto gets: Z-Bo, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Skal and the 2nd pick

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Why Toronto does it? Woj reported that nobody is “untouchable” on the Raptor’s roster. This would be a wonderful way to perform that everso tricky “quick rebuild.” Something has to change in The North, and Masai Ujiri knows this. Doncic is ready now to play in this league. A core of Lowry, Bogdanovic, OG and Doncic is suddenly very appealing.

Why Sacramento does it? Derozan may be the best player they could potentially steal in a trade. A West Coast and Cali guy, Derozan is under contract for a few more years and has been crushing his prime seasons. Derozan, Hield and Fox provide for an interesting lineup who could sneak into the postseason, if they make the right moves in free agency. They would need someone like Giles or Jackson to become a hit, but this looks like a very Kings move to make.

Sacramento gets: Markelle Fultz, the 2018 10th pick, and Phila’s 2019 own first

Philadelphia gets: The #2 pick, presumably Luka Doncic or possibly Michael Porter Jr.

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Why Philadelphia does it? Fultz’s stock has dropped considerably, especially since reports leaked about Philly management wanting Colangelo to consider drafting someone else. Yet, the kid went first overall for a reason. You may recall the vast majority of draft experts having him above Tatum and Ball on their draft boards. Philly may be able to sell early on Fultz while salvaging his value somewhat. The Kings are a franchise they can fool into doing so. The Sixers get a chance at drafting Doncic, someone who can fit nicely on any team due to his skill set.

Why Sacramento does it? Is this paying too much for a guy who scared the hell out of us with his tweaked jumpshot? Perhaps. But the Kings get the 10th pick and another future first to compensate. Fultz has the skill set to play a combo roll next to Fox, as hit shooting ability allows for him to spend time off the ball. Creating a 2019 roster consisting of Fultz, Fox, Hield, Bogdanovic, and possibly one of those Bridges boys would be the smart thing for Sac’Town to do. Yet, this is Sacramento, so expect otherwise.

Other trades to consider. Would Utah move on from Gobert to pair Mitchell up with a stud wing? Does Sacramento want Gobert aka WhatWeHopeBambaWillBe? Is CJ McCollum enough? Picks 12, 13 and Tobias Harris for #2 and cap filler? Jamal Murray and the 14th pick for the #2?

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