Reunion Time?

This week, Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat dropped some LeBron news. A couple days before the NBA finals, the King traveled down to Miami and spent some time with D Wade and Udonis.  No word exactly what was talked about between the three as Haslem kept it light and said they “chopped it up and just talked”.  Haslem said they didn’t talk about Brons future really and that all the speculation surrounding the Heat is just that, “I’ve heard it all from the outside, more than I’ve heard it from him.”  Haslem said he would be all for recruiting his friend back to South Beach, but respects whatever decision Bron makes.

As the Heat stand today, they don’t have the space to take on LeBron at a max but being able to move some pieces such as Hassan Whiteside and Tyler Johnson would create the needed space.  Trading these two without having picks to entice teams to take on their contracts will prove to be a daunting task but someone with the basketball genius of Pat Riley can make it happen.  The easiest and most reasonable way to bring Bron back would ultimately be a sign and trade with the Cavaliers, simply a way to offset the salaries and make it feasible under the NBA rules.  He could either opt in to his player option with the Cavs and get traded to the Heat, think what CP3 did last year, or he could opt out and sign a new deal with the Cavs with the same result (sign and trade).

LeBron is familiar with the organization, loves the city, and has a great respect for the Arison family. During his Miami tenure, Bron learned a great deal from Pat Riley, adopting the Heat culture and taking aspects of it back with him for his second stint in Cleveland.  Maybe nostalgia and familiarity is enough to bring LeBron back to South Beach but, I still view them as a very dark horse in the LeBron sweepstakes with slim to none odds.