Report: Cavs have met with LeBron James’ reps, decision remains unclear

With all indications pointing to LeBron exiting The Land, it appears the Cavaliers are not folding their efforts to keep The King. According to Joe Vardon, the Cavaliers have been in contact with James’ reps recently.

According to sources, the Cavs’ front office and James’ camp have been in contact over the phone and in person, though there has been no meeting with James present, nor has the been any real dialogue as far as James’ future is concerned.

Because the superstar himself doesn’t know.

The Cavs have been signaling (strongly, in some cases) that they’re looking to upgrade their team from the group that was swept out of the Finals this month, whether James stays or goes.

The Cavaliers have seemed to consult with LeBron about their draft pick an who to use it on. The Cavaliers are also on the prowl for Kawhi Leonard in hopes they can make their team appealing enough for LeBron to remain in Cleveland. But, with limited roster flexibility on an old team that cannot play defense — the Cavaliers front office still has their backs against the wall.