Report: Bulls to Move up and Grab Michael Porter Jr?

Let ’em breathe, NBA Draft news. Sheesh.

Vincent Goodwill of NBC Sports Chicago recently claimed that the Bulls are looking to leap up in this upcoming draft.

Why? Drafting Michael Porter Jr. seems to be a priority in the Windy City. Goodwill wrote:

“According to several league sources the Bulls have inquired about moving up from the seventh spot in the draft to either the third or fourth spot, positions currently occupied by the Atlanta Hawks and Memphis Grizzlies, respectively.”

*Dad joke alert*

It seems Chicago is…Bullish…on the Missouri forward.

Nailed it.

There seems to be mutual interest between the two parties. Isn’t it odd that Porter and his camp have only allowed the Bulls to see his medical records? Goodwill also penned:

“The Bulls medical staff was the lone NBA team to evaluate Porter Jr. before distributing the results to the other teams, ramping up speculation of a potential marriage between Porter Jr. and the Bulls.”

Now would be an appropriate time to insert the nodding-head, scratching-chin emoji.

Obviously, some other teams must be interested in MPJ if Chicago feels as though they need to jump up. Both Memphis and Sacramento have been linked to the forward. Perhaps those are smoke screens, however. Regardless, Chicago has the salary cap space to take back Chandler Parson’s contract from Memphis in exchange for the 4th pick.

bulls salary.PNG

What would a theoretical trade look like? Chicago can send over the 7th pick and expiring contract Robin Lopez to the Grizzlies. In return, they get back the 4th pick and presumably, a great shot at landing Michael Porter Jr. The Bulls can stomach Parson’s contract and even dangle it as a massive 25 million dollar expiring in two years. (Keep in mind that ESPN TradeMachine has not yet updated its contracts, take away one year each from Parson’s and Lopez.)

bulls trade memphis.PNG

What other trades could be made? Let us know!

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