Adam Silver: Warriors ‘worked within system’ to get Kevin Durant

Ever since the infamous July 4th where Kevin Durant pinned where his next chapter would be, the NBA has been Golden State’s league. In that process, NBA fans get more and more tired of the Warrior way as the days pass. As a result, NBA commissioner Adam Silver was asked about parity issues and weighed in on the situation.

“I get it in terms of Kevin Durant going [to the Warriors in 2016]. It was a bit of an aberration in our system; we had a spike in our cap, it enabled them to have additional cap room. The Warriors will tell you they would have figured out a way to get it done anyway,” he said.

But he added that the Warriors, who won their second straight championship this season with Durant, should be given their due

In the end, despite all the championship success of Golden State, they did need a stroke of luck just to add Durant in the first place — nevermind all of the injury luck along the way. But, that often happens to those work get to the top, a lot of luck can be involves. But, with insane luxury tax bills and expiring contracts on the horizon it’s unclear how long this group will remain intact.