Video: DeAndre Ayton says he wants to learn the “Dream Shake” from Olajuwon

In tonight’s NBA Draft, Arizona superstar big man DeAndre Ayton looks to be the surefire number one selection by the Phoenix Suns. Mostly due to his pristine offense on the low block and his ability to stretch the floor with a consistent jumpshot.

Standing at 7’1″ — Ayton is a true difference maker in the paint coming into the league. Entering his NBA career, he is looking to add the “Dream Shake” made famous by former Rockets big man Hakeem Olajuwon.

Ayton is already an elite post player, carving up great teams for 30 point games all the way into March.

DeAndre Ayton put up staggering numbers while in Tucson, averaging 20.1 points, and 11.6 rebounds adding 61% shooting from the field. His field goal percentage is especially impressive, as he was often facing up and shooting jumpshots at Arizona.