Kyrie Irving reportedly ran off the set of ‘Uncle Drew’ in excitement when he found out he was traded

Over one year later, one full season is now in the books since Kyrie Irving shocked the world and requested to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers, sending the summer abuzz with trade rumors. Kyrie could have started a new trend, as we have another trade request from a superstar  this summer. As expected, Kyrie was pleased being sent to Boston rather than an NBA purgatory team like Sacramento.

When the trade went through, Nick Kroll, who featured in ‘Uncle Drew’ went on The Herd and said Kyrie ‘finished the take, and ran off the set in celebration’ when the deal finally went through.

Kroll also insisted that he did not sense any feeling of ‘anti-LeBron’ when it came to Kyrie’s excitement, rather happiness he was traded to a ‘contender like Boston’ instead of a bad team. Kyrie’s season was turbulent due to the season ending injury, but made important strides as a player in that season.

Despite happiness in Boston, rumors are flying about his future and what potential teams could be a threat to the Celtics efforts at resigning Kyrie in 2019. His contract for the future is currently up in the air, as it does not look like he will sign a contract extension this summer leading into a pivotal contract year with the Celtics.

Irving averaged 24.4 points, and 5.1 assists per game shooting a tick over 49% in 60 total games for the Celtics in 2017-18 before undergoing season ending surgery.