WATCH: Knicks draft pick Mitchell Robinson only needs one dribble cross nearly the entire court

As the game of basketball continues to evolve rapidly, the athletes get more insane by the year. New Knicks draftee Mitchell Robinson, who joins Kevin Knox in the Knicks draft class, only needs one dribble to get from the opposite three point line to a dunk. We are witnesses to an actual moon walk.

Robinson was selected 36th overall by the Knicks in the NBA Draft despite having a lot of issues with the NCAA this past season. Robinson was originally committed to Western Kentucky University last year, but left after being named in the FBI case  cracking down on college’s illegally paying student athletes for play. Thus, Robinson skipped college and strictly focused on the NBA Draft since September. Robinson was a top player in the class of 2017, playing in the coveted McDonald’s All American Game as a versatile 7’1″ big man.