Could Paul George’s free agency documentary signal a departure from OKC?

Heading into the 2017-18 NBA season, most people thought Paul George would be a rental to the Thunder in pursuit of a tenure with the Lakers in the future. As the days go on, the chances of a return to OKC have seemed to increase.

There was a report that recently came out where LeBron James’ camp believes Paul George will remain in OKC for the future. Now, ESPN just dropped news they will air a three part documentary covering the free agency of Paul George.

This begs the question, would ESPN air a lengthy documentary if Paul George would just remain in OKC? I can’t imagine ESPN pouring lots of money into this project without knowing there will be fireworks. For instance, like if George and LeBron James joined forces in Los Angeles or possibly another destination — catching the world by surprise.

Teams like Los Angeles and players like LeBron James and Paul George are ‘box-office’ — meaning they will always draw the crowd needed for this type of project by ESPN. But, just Paul George remaining in Oklahoma City, a smaller market, might not be what ESPN would shoot for in this series. Again, this could just be a coincidence as NBA players are now doing documentary ventures on their own, but it is intriguing.