Report: Paul George to take a 1 + 1 Deal?

On The Lowe Post podcast, Zach Lowe and Kevin Arnovitz recently discussed the scuttlebutt concerning Paul George’s free agency.

The star wing has a series coming out which will follow him throughout free agency, and no one is quite sure how it will end. Regardless, Low,e one of the best insiders in the game, had this to say about George:

“Many of the most plugged in reporters have reported in the last week that there’s chatter, just chatter, that he (Paul George) might seriously consider staying more that we anticipated. There’s been noise about him signing a 1 + 1.”

Arnovitz chimed in as well, reaffirming that he had heard the same rumor.

What is the 1 + 1 deal they are referring to? George would sign a two year extension with the Thunder but, the last year of the deal would be a player option. So, George would essentially wait a year to see how the NBA landscape pans out, and then bolt somewhere else. Considering no one knows where Kawhi and LeBron will play ball next season, this could be a wise move.

There is also a good chance that both LA teams will have enough cap space to sign either one or two max players next year. Paul George has always been rumored to return to Cali, and if he waits another year he can pick which LA team would be best for him. Also, more teams will have cap space next year, creating a nice bidding war for George’s talents.

Here’s the catch. Next year will be George’s 9th in the league. He needs to get to his 10th year in order to be considered for the super-max. Would George consider spending the next two season’s in Oklahoma and then move somewhere else?

There are more wrinkles here than my khakis. If you know where PG13 is going to end up, shoot me a tweet. @Mattesposito_