Who are the top 5 celebrity Hoopers?

It seems like every day there is a celebrity basketball game. Although they are mostly for charity, these stars come to hoop. Don’t think so? Just check out my girl Brittney Elena’s instagram account.

But let’s be real. This isn’t a list made for the Biebers or Kevin Harts of the world. I want to know who the real celebrity hoopers are. Guys (or girls) who played in college. Stars who will actually understand you when you use the term “horns set” or “floppy action.”

Honorable Mentions

Lil Romeo – Come on now, we all know USC used him to get Demar Derozan to commit.

The Big Show – The WWE legend spent some time as a backup center at Wichita State.

Master P – His University of Houston scholarship is as sketchy as his 10-day contracts.

The Game – A Drew League legend, he was rumored to have a full ride from Wash. St.

Tom Selleck – The Magnum P.I star played at USC, but competition wasn’t too great then.

Sinbad – Sinbad played at University of Denver for a bit before blowing out his knee.

Denzel Washington – He played for PJ Carlesimo at Fordham, but only on the JV squad.