Lakers Rumored To Be Interested In Lillard

After adding Javale McGee, Lance Stephenson and Rajon Rondo, the Los Angeles Lakers are not done trying to revamp its roster around SF LeBron James.

At the moment, acquiring Kawhi Leonard is seeming more and more like a long shot, and the Lakers would probably have to wait until next offseason the sign the former Finals MVP.

So, what other pieces can the Lakers add? Damian Lillard appears to be a target.

According to Stephen A. Smith, it is “very possible” Damian Lillard can end up a Los Angeles Laker. He also add the New York Knicks as another possibility.

It’s not just interest coming from Lillard, it’s both ways.

Chris Sheridan reports that the Lakes have internally discussed trading for Damian Lillard, among a few other names mentioned.

What makes this more interesting is Lillard’s response to a question on Twitter asking him his thoughts about being traded to the Lakers.

Lillard is under contract until after the 2020-’21 season, so a trade would be the most likely way for the Lakers to acquire Lillard to pair alongside LeBron James. There will also be that chance to sign Leonard next offseason as well.

While Lillard hasn’t publicly expressed a trade or anything of that nature, he is the type of player who wants to win championships. If Portland’s roster doesn’t improve soon, one would expect that Lillard would want out.

It’s all speculation that comes with the NBA offseason.