Lonzo Ball believes JBA will force NBA to change draft eligibility rules

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has faced a lot of tough questions recently about the future and rule changes in the NBA. In recent years, speculation on the effectiveness of the ‘one and done’ rule has been mounting. A lot of suggestions have revolved around the way baseball does it. Baseball players can leave out of high school, but if they attend college — they must go for three years minimum, or until they turn 21. Among the pressures Adam Silver has received, Lonzo Ball believes the JBA is one of them.

Lonzo weighs in as transcribed by USA Today

“I think the JBA forced the NBA to put the age back lower, if anything,” the Los Angeles Lakers point guard said during an appearance on the JBA’s Facebook broadcast on Thursday night. “I think the JBA is going to force them, at one point, to have kids come out of high school again, because you’re going to lose those kids. Instead of college, they come here and get paid. It makes sense.”

The JBA is still in it’s inaugural season, still trying to gain traction. But, I can see where Lonzo is coming from as it pertains to the one and done rule. The JBA will pay players, while college players cannot make a cent in college — or they face harsh penalty.

But, the pedestal college players are put on in front of NBA scouts is worth a lot more in the grand scheme of things than the JBA is. The competition in the JBA is still weak considering it is brand new. But, if the JBA can attract blue chip recruits to play and abandon college — the NBA and NCAA will face pressure.