Trae Young Will Be The Rookie of the Year

I know exactly how you got here. Step by Step. You read the headline, and thought “this person is insane”, so you clicked the link. Now you’re here reading why Trae Young will be the Rookie of the Year.

It’s easy to pick the number one or two draft selections to win the ROY award. Those players being DeAndre Ayton (Phoenix) and Marvin Bagley (Sacramento).

This is a talented draft class containing multiple players who have great chances to win the award; similar to this past season.

Along with the two rookies already mentioned, players like Luka Doncic, Jaren Jackson Jr, Collin Sexton, and others are all expected to make immediate impacts for the teams who drafted them.

And then there is Trae Young, who was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks; a team who is desperately looking for a franchise player.

Trae Young is a 6’2 point guard out of Oklahoma, who had a freshman year to remember for the Sooners, leading him to be selected fifth overall.

Young is the best three point shooter in the draft, and also has exceptional court vision.

On the downside, he is a little undersized, not the most athletic player in the draft, and needs to improve his decision making.

Sound sort of familiar?

It should. It sounds very similar to what was said about Stephen Curry before he was drafted.

Yes, the same Stephen Curry who is a three-time champion, two-time MVP, the best three point shooter in NBA history, and he’s still in the thick of his prime.

Curry already has a Hall of Fame resume at the age of 30.

This isn’t a comparison promoting that Young will be exactly like Curry, but it’s no secret that the similarities between the two is very much there.

Young averaged 27.4ppg, 3.9rpg & 8.7apg in his lone season in college. Impressive.

The main concern is the 10.3 3-pt shot attempts he averaged. But is that really a bad thing considering the way the NBA is changing to a three point shooting game?

The Hawks took a risk selecting him, because while he has tremendous upside, the downside is looming as well.

Here is a look at his Summer League stats, via ESPN:

The player Young was in his last two games, is what the organization envisioned when selecting him.

The Hawks still have to find a trade partner for Dennis Schroeder, and assuming that happens, the keys are now in Young’s hands.

Atlanta doesn’t have a star player, and are in rebuild mode, so it only makes sense that Young will step right in to the starting lineup.

I don’t believe that the Hawks will make the playoffs this season, even in a weakened Eastern Conference.

I do believe that Young will have a really good rookie season, in which, of course, will be filled with ups and downs.

Devin Booker is a superstar in the making, and he first option for Phoenix. Hurts Ayton’s chances slightly.

Sacramento is …. well it’s Sacramento. The Kings won’t be in the playoffs this season. The team doesn’t seem to have a true identity yet, nor that go to guy. Slightly knocks down Bagley.

It’s advantages and disadvantages for every rookie, but in the end, it will be Trae Young not only holding up the ROY award, but he will be holding the city of Atlanta’s excitement in his hands as well.