Report: Kawhi “warming” to the idea of playing in Toronto

Photo cred Sporting News

In the words of Diddy, “let the saga continue.”

First we had Chris Carter saying that Kawhi is still hellbent on playing in Los Angeles. Seeing on how Carter’s old agent, Mitch Frankel, is now Leonard’s agent, there may be some smoke to this fire.

Now we have Chris Walder of The Score reporting that (follow along here) Woj went on SportsCenter and said this:

Does this mean Kawhi will stay? Absolutely not. What is does mean, however, is that Kawhi may be leaning towards cooperating with the Raptors and playing the season. Sitting out would be a horrible PR move, but that ship may have already sailed for the former first team All-NBAer.

Do the right thing Kawhi, play some basketball.