Duke hosts LeBron James Jr. for unofficial visit

If you thought recruiting madness was already insane — just wait until LeBron James Jr. is visiting schools. Apparently, that is already happening at just 13-years old. According to a video posted on YouTube, James Jr. and his AAU team checked out campus while they were in Durham.

LeBron James Jr. isn’t new to the seen of college interest — as he was offered by Kentucky and Duke at just 11-years old. Although, Duke makes the most sense for Bronny James as of now — due to his father’s connection with Coach K during his years at USA Basketball. But, the x-factor would be the status of Coach K’s coaching career by the time Bronny James hits college in five years.

LeBron James Jr. is certainly worth all of the hype, as he is nearly dunking in games at just 13-years old. It has also been reported James Jr. will be headed to a prestigious basketball school in Los Angeles after LeBron James’ move to Hollywood.