LeBron James and Jay Williams team up for a must-watch YouTube series

Former Duke standout and #2 overall NBA draft pick Jay Williams once had a promising professional future. A nasty motorcycle accident ruined his career, however, Williams has used his personal history to help others. In his latest venture, Williams decided to help out a high school basketball team in poverty-stricken Newark, New Jersey.

LeBron James and his camp helped produce this addicting YouTube series. Perhaps with his move to Los Angeles, we can expect more media ventures from James in the future. As of now, it is hard not to fall in love with this series. The high school kids have heart wrenching stories that make you root for them. What’s more, the series will have you asking yourself how you can help make a difference in your community.

If you are a sucker for inspirational sports stories that are grounded in the harshness of American reality, check this show out. Send it to a friend as well. The first episode is below, and episode two is free as well. After that, sign up for a free trial of YouTube premium to binge the other episodes.