76ers 1st round curse: Every pick since 2013

Is there really a 76ers curse?

The Madden curse.

Curse of the Bambino.

The Billy Goat curse.

Shoot, for my History nerds out there, we have the Curse of King Tut’s tomb.

But, the Curse of Sixer’s 1st rounders…?

You betcha. Courtesy of The Ringer, we have every Sixer round one pick since 2013. Grab your crucifix, Philadelphians. Throw some salt over your shoulder. Things are starting to look weird. See for yourself.

Yikes. In a roundabout way, this curse may not even be a curse at all. The Sixers embraced the tank throughout the years, and not playing your prized draft picks is a good way to accomplish that.

Still, the future is bright in Philly. So, do you believe in curses?