Report: Raptors pushed hard for a Christmas Day game

Will the Raptors play on Christmas someday?

Despite making a serious push to be a part of the holiday festivities, the Raptors will not be playing on Christmas Day.

As reported by Josh Lewenberg of TSN, Toronto campaigned hard for a slot on Christmas Day. However, the NBA decided ultimately decided against it, bringing the tally to 17 years straight without the Raptors on Christmas.

Every year, the NBA pits the best and most popular teams in the league to duel on Christmas. The Toronto Raptors have been one of the top teams in the league for the last few seasons and they have two of the most popular players in the league in Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry.

Which leaves many fans asking the question, what’s the reason Toronto is not playing on Christmas? The NBA is a business and the league receives more revenue from its American TV viewership. Toronto, despite housing one of the top teams in the league, is not as profitable of a market.

Should Toronto be playing on Christmas? Yes, but the NBA will continue to cater to its bigger markets on its most popular day of the regular season.

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