Report: Carmelo Anthony to come off the bench for Rockets

Will Carmelo Anthony be a reserve?

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Carmelo Anthony is expected to sign a 1yr/$2.4M deal on Monday.

It’s been pretty much a done deal for quite some time now, but after traveling to Houston and completing a physical, Anthony to Houston is a done deal.

“Who, me?”

That was Anthony’s response, last offseason, to a question about coming off the bench for his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Times seem to be changing?

Woj reports that the Rockets are expected to bring Melo off the bench this upcoming season.

It’s definitely a surprise move, especially since last season’s starting SF, Trevor Ariza, signing with the Phoenix Suns.

Anthony is a player who would like to have the ball in his hands a lot, so joining forces with Chris Paul and James Harden would make that pretty difficult.

Although, both CP3 and Harden wanted Melo to sign with Houston, the court might be a little clogged up at first, if all three are on the floor together.

Last season, Rockets head coach, Mike D’Antoni, did a great job of giving both Paul and Harden a good amount of time as the primary ball handler.

D’Antoni and Anthony do have prior relationship, stemming from a stint with the Knicks.

Some, including myself, still believe in Carmelo’s ability to score, but it’s up to him to stay in shape, as well as accept a new role with his new team.