Can Carmelo Anthony save his legacy in Houston?

Can Carmelo Anthony return to stardom?

For the past few years, many people have labeled Carmelo Anthony as a great player but a not so great teammate.  Some examples people use to back up this is when Anthony said that he was not coming off the bench last season while on the Thunder and another is back in 2012 when Linsanity broke out people said Anthony was jealous of Jeremy Lin.

Now Anthony has signed with the Houston Rockets joining Chris Paul and James Harden this season could possibly turn his legacy around.

Nobody is questioning Carmelo Anthony’s accomplishments as he is a 10-time All-Star, former scoring champion, named to an all-NBA team six times and will most likely make the hall of fame, but it’s everything else. In his 15 year career, Anthony has only made the conference finals once and has never played in the NBA finals.

When he was in Denver things did not end well as he pretty much requested a trade out of Denver, in New York things did not end well either and in OKC things did not end well as before he played a game with the Thunder he said he was not coming off the bench but in Houston he can turn that around.

Coach Mike D’Antoni said that Anthony fits better in Houston then he did when he was in New York, D’Antoni was a coached Anthony while he was in New York.  For Anthony to put his ego to the said, he needs to come to the realization that he is not a superstar and that he is not a superstar anymore and accept whatever role Houston gives him and if he does accept his role that can possibly take Houston over the hump and make it to the finals and possibly win

This can also be Anthony’s best chance to win a championship. If Anthony wins a championship many people will likely not remember him for his flaws people would most likely remember him as an NBA champion.