Dwyane Wade Warns Jimmy Butler About Commenting on Photo of Gabrielle Union

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler got in a minor social media spat yesterday after Jimmy Butler commented on a photo of Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union.

Both Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade played for Marquette University and were teammates two seasons ago on the Chicago Bulls, but the two seemed to be beefing after Butler commented “WELL DAMN!!” on this photo of Union:

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Later, Butler posted a video to his own ‘Gram to which D-Wade responded with scorn:

Dwyane Wade Jimmy Butler

It’s seems all is fair in love and basketball, but Jimmy Buckets better watch out when the Heat play the Wolves next season, as D-Wade might be getting amped up to put Butler in his place.

Poster on social media had a field day with the feud, echoing the idea that D-Wade might be able to get hyped for a matchup with Jimmy and the Wolves. Seeing as Butler has some stellar reaction gifs, much of the clamor on social media surrounded him as well:

Either way, next year’s Wolves vs. Heat game will be must-watch television.