Stephen Curry wants to finish career in a Warriors jersey

Stephen Curry = Warrior for life?

Stephen Curry and his time with the Warriors has been nothing short of amazing. From leading them to the best regular season record with 73 wins to winning two MVP awards one of them being unanimous, to delivering them three championships.

In an interview with Ben Rohrback of Yahoo sports Curry told him “I love the Bay Area man, the only reason I go home is if my sister’s getting married or to go play for the Hornets for that one game, so I haven’t really been back much. I haven’t put my mind there.”

Rohrback then asked if he plans on remaining with the Warriors for the rest of his career, Curry replied “For sure I do. This is home. This is where I want to be for obvious reasons.” Curry was drafted by the Warriors with the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA draft.

With Curry currently being 30 and building his life in the Bay Area from his family, and work outside the court and already in talks for being one of the greatest players to ever wear a Warriors jersey don’t be surprised if Curry career ends where it began almost 10 years ago, in the Bay Area.