Kobe Bryant Mentoring Jayson Tatum? Watch Out, NBA

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America)

The Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum has been working with NBA legend Kobe Bryant this offseason, according to recent Tweets from ESPN’s Chris Forsberg.

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics had one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory, essentially leading the Celtics to a hard-fought Game 7 loss against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in last season’s Eastern Conference Finals.

Tatum blew people away with his exceptionally poised attitude and polished game at the NBA’s highest levels — especially for a 19-year-old rookie.

Now that Tatum has been working with Kobe Bryant, that poise and polish is only expected to increase, as Kobe is one of the most respected players to this recent crop of young players in the league.

While post moves might certainly be a benefit for Tatum going forward, as seeking out mismatches and attacking undersized players becomes more and more valuable in today’s NBA, the mental side of Tatum’s conversation with Kobe Bryant might be more important for his future growth.

Forsberg’s reporting continued with news on Tatum’s improved strength:

Already a lithe and skilled player, a stronger Tatum that can employ post moves will likely be a lethal offensive player next year for the Celtics, who are expected to be among the class of the Eastern Conference now that the specter of The King has vanished from the East.

Either way, getting tutelage from one of the all-time greats in Kobe Bryant can’t hurt Tatum’s cause.